Chubb Rock: Using Hip-Hop To Fight For Black Health

“Look at the bootleggers. All they were selling was Black records. They weren’t selling Madonna records. They weren’t selling Paula Abdul records and all those other pop records of the time. They were only selling Black music. So, if you watch the video of “Treat ‘Em Right,” we were turning over the tables. That was those labels first part of destroying the value of hip hop music. Because if you start to diminish the value of it, $12 or $14 dollars for an album but now the bootleggers are selling it 3 for $5 and now it’s $1 on iTunes or you get free, you devalue the music.”

The loss of monetary value can steal one’s voice. Here is something to chew on: The labor of people who were enslaved was $2 million in 1860s money, but now health disparities cost America over a trillion dollars in a three-year period. One of the rationales used for enslaving Black people globally was our aversion to sickness and disease, and now we are branded as the sickest. Our health was taken care of during slavery, but for some reason that care has faded. Chubb Rock definitely knows this devaluing of health is no accident.

“We are often priced out of good health. The healthy foods or life-saving procedures aren’t accessible. So many young people don’t see school as their thing. We have to change the narrative…it’s our water, food, and air. ”So, can I keep it real? Chubb Rock is a DOPE brother! This brother was a National Merit Scholar who dropped out of Brown University to pursue a rap career. Knowing the end of the story makes this cool, but at the time, many did not understand.

I am happy to announce that Chubb Rock is coming back to the Ivy League and will be joining arms with me at the University of Pennsylvania to do some amazing work in the areas of health disparities.

You can hear Chubb Rock’s powerful voice on his syndicated radio show throughout the Radio One markets here.

April 21, 2020 by Dr. Kevin Ahmaad Jenkins, Columnist

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