Matt Damon doesn’t such as Sarah Palin… so what

Matt Damon doesn’t such as Sarah Palin… so what

Exactly why is it your American media together with Western anyone turn-to Hollywood to possess things besides movies in addition to current “gender tape” of one’s celebs?

I really don’t obtain it. I have hardly ever really acted within the some thing other than a small funds film, and so i may not fully understand what’s in being a celebrity… possibly it takes great brain stamina.

Why would i sustain brand new viewpoints away from Matt Damon, Alec Baldwin, Whoopie Goldberg, Bruce Willis, the Dixie Chicks, John Travolta, Tom Sail, Johnny Depp, etcetera…? Who will be these individuals? It imagine becoming anyone else to possess an income, and some of these exercise really well. However, who happen to be people about the fresh cosmetic plastic surgery, in addition to bigger than real time spots it enjoy. I am not sure, and i also i don’t care. Whenever performed pretending create individuals knowledgeable on politics, otherwise cause them to become gurus toward foreign connections, otherwise economics?

Sure I like to select Johnny Depp given that a drunken pirate, and that i very liked Matt Damon due to the fact Jason Bourne, however, I really don’t have to tune in to their viewpoints into the something. What do they know concerning the real world? Just like Al Gore, We bet it irks Matt Damon in the event the cost of heating their household (I’m not sure exactly how many he’s got) rises. We wager Mr. Damon will get to your mobile for each August calling home heating petroleum organizations seeking secure-in the at best speed into the up coming winter.

We can’t hold off to determine whom Alec try matchmaking and you may as to the reasons he thinks John McCain has no prize

This is what Mr. Damon was required to state in the Gov. Sarah Palin in an associated Press interview: “I believe there is certainly an astonishing chance you to Sarah Palin might possibly be chairman. And that i believe which is a very frightening issue because I really don’t know any single thing in the the woman. I don’t think for the eight months I will know any single thing about her.” (

Men and women are strong terminology Mr. Bourne… What i’m saying is Mr. Damon. Perhaps you are really chummy toward Democratic ticket; products that have Barack and you can an excellent ballgame that have Joe Biden the place you really get to know the latest men?

I suppose it is not its faults. He has got a right to show its views. Perhaps we want to blame the brand new media. The latest so-called “traditional journalism” could have been parading aside stars for decades. It have got to obtain critiques. Exactly who cares just what son on the street says from the an excellent candidate; why don’t we uncover what Angelina Jolie has to state. Commonly everyone holding the breathing observe just who Billy Bob Thorton, Tom Hanks, and you can Denzel recommend?

Perhaps it is not the media’s blame either. At all, when we don’t view it, they would not reveal they. So, Perhaps the dollars comes to an end right here. It is our own faults. We readily eat the newest crap right up, night just after night. I choose the magazines to know about Ellen and you may Portia’s the asia setup, where he is joined, and just why it hate George W. Bush. Really it is a sad testament so you can in which we have been as a community.

We purchase views and you may sound bites from present that have been offered dependability as they possibly can pretend are anyone else. We trust your face out-of a characteristics we appreciated away from an excellent movie; “Jason Bourne was voting Obama… however if he could be hiding fr0m the fresh new CIA, in which try the guy joined to help you choose?” Oh yeah… He or she is an effective Democrat , voting registration does not matter to them… unless you’re inactive. It is very important. We inquire just who Walther Matthau was promoting.

The options we get this election each election are very important. Regardless of the your specific affiliation are, you want to all strive to create experienced decisions rather than end up being driven of the bias out of media, the fresh spin of one’s people, or perhaps the gorgeous faces of your higher pretenders out of Hollywood.

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